"We believe in story-based design"

- Jill DaSilva

Our process starts with:

  • What problem are we solving?

  • Who are we solving it for?

  • Can we make the experience seamless and delightful?

Jill DaSilva in action



Task Analysis

We’ll observe users perform tasks on your current product (or relevant products). This helps us to clearly identify and articulate problems in the user experience.

Set yourself apart from the competition while learning from their mistakes. We’ll research 3-5 closely related competitors to influence our own strategic decision-making.

Competitive Analysis

Personas help us empathize with your target users and build strategies that specifically support their goals and combat their pain points.


We aim to create frictionless and streamlined experiences for your users. User flows help us map out the paths users would take to accomplish their goals prior to starting any designs.

User Flows & Site Maps

We’ll facilitate in-depth interviews with 5-7 users to validate key features and functions of your product. We’ll ask users to organize topics into groups and create an IA that suits their expectations.

User Research

We use sketches to convey ideas and basic structure in order to discover potential issues and solutions prior to starting the design process


Lo-Fi Wireframes help map out the shell of the interface, its screens, and information architecture. Hi-Fi wireframes present you with pixel perfect designs that connect users to your branding.


We’ll create a clickable prototype to perform user testing, this allows us to learn about their interactions and reactions which influence design improvements

Prototype & User Testing